Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Are you sitting comfortably?

I've spent a lovely evening with my sewing machine making a cushion. I saw the design a while back at crazy mom quilts and when I was browsing in a fabric shop last week I saw a mini charm pack 'Surrounded with Love' by Moda that was just crying out to be used in this pattern! 

I added a further strip on the back after a comment by a fellow quilter about having left over squares when using these packs to make cushions. 

I was totally de-stressed by the end of the evening until I noticed a few little marks on the cushion, I flicked them off only to discover it was pollen from these gorgeous flowers

Having now researched how to remove pollen stains,  I notice that a lot of people suggest cutting the stamens off but I think they add to the beauty of the flowers.

I found out that if you gently hover over the pollen with a piece of sellotape it 'jumps' from the fabric to the tape - just don't try and brush it off with your hand otherwise you end up with a yellow mark.

After a bit of experimenting on spare fabric, wadding underneath and some more pollen, I discovered that turps and sunlight cleared the mark, at least it did on my test piece. There seems to be a slight purple/bluish mark on my cushion this evening so I am going to put it in the sunlight tomorrow and hope this removes the blue tinge! 

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