Saturday, 16 November 2013

Never mind the elephants...

Never mind the elephants coming in 2 by 2, the balls of wool have been coming in 2 by 2
I'm going to knit a few pairs of socks with these balls of wool!! They keep my feet lovely and snug. 
Then I saw a gorgeous pattern for a cowl, so just had to go and buy the wool only to find I don't have the right size needles - eBay here I come! 
This wool arrived as a foursome and what I am knitting is nearing completion, watch this space! 
I have managed a bit of fabric shopping too, I am planning to make some notebook covers with these. 
And finally I have managed some sashing on my rainbow quilt, not sure I like the blocks in that layout, bit of OCD kicking in here. Note to self, lay the blocks out BEFORE you add the sashing! 

I am hoping to get the top finished tomorrow, need to help my daughter paint her kitchen too so it could be an early start. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Getting there.....

Woo hoo, it's the weekend!!! This is my first week back on my normal hours since April and I am loving it,  I have been working full time due to staff changes and not liking it very much as it has greatly eaten into my craft time! I have been lucky enough to change my day off from Thursdays to Fridays :)

I have been working on a broken herringbone quilt since the beginning of  September, it was supposed to be for a quilt along which should have finished last week  but I quickly fell behind the schedule :(

Here we are with 10 of the blocks, only another 2 to go ....... There are 2 of each colour except the orange and purple ones although it's not very clear in the photo. 

I'm hoping to get the top finished this weekend although it's going to be a busy one, one of my friends is celebrating her 50th birthday, can't believe we've been friends for 35 years, where has the time gone? Then off to see Jessie J on Sunday, just a bit excited as it's been a long time coming, we booked September last year for this March.

Off to try and get a block finished tonight...

Sunday, 3 November 2013

My new sewing machine quilt

Following on my the sewing machine quilt I made for a gift yesterday, I NEEDED one for me..... Next decision, what fabric to use? When I saw these lovely fabrics in my stash, I knew they were the ones! After a bit of late night sewing and an early start this morning, here is my lovely new machine quilt.

In all it's glory, before being put to work and hidden by my sewing machine.

In action and all ready to sew,  what a shame there is a pile of ironing with my name on it that needs doing first! Oh well better get cracking on that, hope to fit in some more sewing later. 

Enjoy the rest of this sunny Sunday.

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Zippitty do dah, zippitty day - a finish!

I was feeling a bit off colour yesterday so didn't manage any sewing :( These lovelies arrived in the post to brighten my day

I ordered them on Thursday after I made the zipped pouch and could feel a few more coming on! 

Back on track today and this is the project I had to make before I made a start on completing a couple of my WIPs as shown in a post on Thursday. The instructions are found here thanks Lynette for the fab tutorial and for Jen who directed me to it.

I made a start on Thursday and finished it today. Really pleased with how this has turned out, again another project to be repeated especially as I will not be keeping this one :( 

Right off to make one of these for me, then onto my quilt finishing....
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.