Saturday, 12 April 2008

Tidy Craft Room!!

I have rediscovered the work surface in my craft room!! We have recently changed the units, so I had to clear all the surfaces and empty the cupboards..... I never realised I had soooo much stuff! Thought I would take the opportunity to paint the walls, (rather than have to do it another time) so now I have a nice clean and tidy craft room... how long for I wonder? Even the children commented on how tidy it looked and that they had forgotten what colour the work top was - shame they aren't so conscientious in their bedrooms!! My excuse is that you can't be creative and tidy! I thought I would take a couple of pictures to remember how tidy it could be, as I am sure it won't stay like this for long....

1 comment:

funky Fairy said...

Just gotta ask if its still as tidy? lol
I cant even get in mine as at the mo its being used as a storage room :(