Sunday, 20 January 2013

UFO Sunday

I am trying to finish my UFO's in the different crafts I do! Here is a quilting one I started a while back to tidy up a pile of squares and also to be another item on my table at a 'ladies night' I attended last month! Whilst blog hopping I discovered The Free Motion Quilting Project who is also working on UFOs and asks what we are all working on, why not take a look. I know it's not FMQ, I'm not brave enough to try that yet being a fairly new quilter!


Sue C said...

Your cushion is gorgeous and your piecing so precise! Great job. I have decided that FMQ is all in the mind. It really is not that hard, it just takes practice and a bit of patience. Give it a go - it is so much fun and you might surprise yourself.

Tammy McCartney said...