Saturday, 16 November 2013

Never mind the elephants...

Never mind the elephants coming in 2 by 2, the balls of wool have been coming in 2 by 2
I'm going to knit a few pairs of socks with these balls of wool!! They keep my feet lovely and snug. 
Then I saw a gorgeous pattern for a cowl, so just had to go and buy the wool only to find I don't have the right size needles - eBay here I come! 
This wool arrived as a foursome and what I am knitting is nearing completion, watch this space! 
I have managed a bit of fabric shopping too, I am planning to make some notebook covers with these. 
And finally I have managed some sashing on my rainbow quilt, not sure I like the blocks in that layout, bit of OCD kicking in here. Note to self, lay the blocks out BEFORE you add the sashing! 

I am hoping to get the top finished tomorrow, need to help my daughter paint her kitchen too so it could be an early start. 

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


Glinda ♥ said...

Pretty fabric - like the seashells, Sam - what is it called? And those rainbow blocks are delightful, the white sashing works really well. Happy painting :)

Sam said...

The seashells fabric is from the By The Sea range by Benartex. Thanks for your kind comments above. :)