Thursday, 11 September 2014

Work In Progress Wednesday

I needed a session with my sewing machine this evening to unwind after the week so far.......

I have, for sometime fancied the idea of free motion quilting, I took a class last year with Dawn Cameron-Dick which I really enjoyed but as I haven't kept up the practice didn't feel confident enough to tackle a quilt.

When it came to quilt this project I decided I could put it off no longer, especially as it's not very big! 

Love the colours and fabrics in this! 

Aren't those giraffes cute? 

A close up of the back

and front. 

Some of the stitches are a bit on the large side, I will check tomorrow when the light is better to see if any need to be unpicked and redone. 

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Hope you've had a wonderful Wednesday :) 

Sam x


Laura said...

Those giraffes are the cutest little things ever. Love the quilt!

Laney said...

I love the bright colors you've got going on here and that backing fabric is cute! Hope you unwound from the week you were having :)