Sunday, 16 October 2011

Beads beads beads....

I had a few presents to make lately so I've got beads all over my dining table, and at times the breakfast bar!!

Here's a couple of the things I have made. I really like these beaded lariat style necklaces, reckon I need to make a few more in different colours, especially as I am having a table at a Ladies night soon.

Some wine glass charms, a lovely idea I saw recently so thought I would have a go. Great for people who put their drink down and don't remember where!
The little silver beads are stardust beads and have a lovely sparkly effect to them that doesn't show very well in the photo.

I'm off to make a charm bracelet now, going to sit at the table by the french doors where the sun is streaming in - got to make the most of this lovely weather while it lasts.

Enjoy your day.

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