Sunday, 9 October 2011

Green beads....

Here's a bracelet I made during my blogging break 

The beads have been collected over the past couple of months - I just kept buying green beads so I've got enough to make another bracelet almost!

The beads are on wrapped loops, so a bit fiddly, especially when you're wrapping the last couple of beads as the bracelet is getting a bit heavy by that stage. Well worth the effort though, I took in into work and have got orders for 3 more. 

I love the movement in the bracelet, I will probably make another one in a different colour for me, with crystals or crackle beads.



Claire said...

This is lovely Sam - the green beads are lovely. Hugs, Claire x

Monica said...

Hi Sam, I hope you don't mind me commenting on you blog but I love your braclets and wonder if you could help me, I am after some of the "flat rectangles" you use, I seen them on another project somewhere and have been trying to source them for a project I am going to do, it really dosen't matter what colour they are, hope you can help. You can e-mail me at