Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sunday Stash and Sunday Sewing

We visited Tweseldown Artisan Market yesterday for the first time, I can highly recommend it. There were lots of lovely stalls selling a wide range of items. It sent my crafty brain into overdrive........

As we were near Natures Threads and they were celebrating their 5th birthday we popped in there too. 

Had a much needed top up of fabric!! 

Today I have been busy with my machine. When I visited Homebase recently there were a couple of aprons in the reduced bin which I thought I could make into peg bags. Only used one today. 

From this

to this

Thinking I might make a laundry bag from the other one. 

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Montse said...

Hello Sam! I
I like your blog, you make beautiful things.
The fabrics you bought are very nice and apron and bags too.
Greetings from Barcelona,