Thursday, 13 November 2008

YIPPEE!!! I've been published........ and nearly missed it!!

I am totally lost for words, and for those of you who know me, know that this doesn't happen very often!!

I was feeling a bit under the weather today and decided to have a quiet day, DH was at work and the children at school and college, it's the first day I have had the house to myself for ages. I was having a quick flick through a magazine that I had already looked at, I usually do this and earmark items of interest. On one page I saw a picture that looked remarkably like a card I had made..... on closer inspection I realised it was a picture of my card that I had emailed in August. As I hadn't heard anything from the magazine I thought it wasn't good enough to be published. Its in the November issue of Cardmaking and Papercraft, top left corner of page 8. This has really made my day and given my mojo the kick up the backside I needed! All I need to do now is claim my goodies for being published.

Have been browing the Stampin Up catalogue again today and have finally decided which stamp sets I want, the form is completed and ready to be posted tomorrow.


De said...

So kewl Sam! I think I have that mag, will have to check it out! Yea for you!

Rica said...

Congratulations Sam and well done.
I bet you're walking on air aren't you?.
I keep browsing the SU catalogue - I want em all, and cardstock and embellishments - it will be all right if i don't eat next month (Lol)
hugs Heather xx
PS Nearly forgot - Love the card and the colours.

♦♦♦ Elaine ♦♦♦ said...

Thanks for linking my candy :) Good Luck!!

Elaine x

Rach said...

wow congratulations to you sam...wonderful news. hugs rachxxx

Rach said...

Hi Sam
I got the stempleglade grunge collection stamps from here
they don't appear to be posting out of norway at the moment though..hugs rachxx

Jo said...

Big congrats Sam and well deserved!

Jane said...

Hey Sam thats a great card, I do remember seeing it in there but didn't realise it was yours. I wonder what your prize will be? I hope it's something that you will get lots of use out of...enjoy

Tiff said...

CONGRATS!!! This is BIG news!!!! I will keep an eye out for ya!

Kim said...

CONGRATULATIONS! What a fun way to find out that you were published!
Hugs~ Kim

Trinka said...

so cute...if I don't remember to get on your blog for your birthday...then here is A Happy Birthday early~

Andrea, said...

Congratulations and well deserved it's a fab card

Enfys said...

CONGRATS! I hope you framed it? The first time one of mine was published, I opened the mag and thought 'what a cheek, someone has copied one of my cards'. They sent me a freebie copy two weeks later, bit slow on the uptake. I love your card, it's fun.

Rach said...

hi sam,
i got the snowflakes from my friend. but have also recently ordered some from here
huggles Rachxx

Barbara said...

This is terrific!!
I have the mag and as soon as I get off of the computer I will look for page 8 and your card!
Congrats to you, girlee!!!
Oh....and I love your "last minute" Christmas cards....they are beautiful. ;-)