Thursday, 18 June 2009

Spiral netting necklace

Finally I have finished the spiral netting necklace a friend asked me to make, despite things being against me..... first of all I had nearly finished the main part of the necklace when one of the strands broke and I had to start from the beginning again, then I had a real problem trying to get large beads to match the metallic seed beads for the dangles.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out in the end and made a cute little box to put it in. This is so easy to make, just from one sheet of A4, randomly stamped. I saw the instructions on a blog somewhere, sorry can't remember where, but if its your idea, let me know and I will add your info to my blog.


Anonymous said...

oh wow Sam this looks gorgeous, must have taken you an age, and how frustrating for it to break!!! i would have gone mad.
I wouldn't know where to start. hugs rachxx

weewiccababe said...

wow that must have taken you ages Sam, its stunning

re the distressing - I just used a half open pair of scissors to do the distressing, but I've bought myself a Tim Holtz distressing tool since I made that card and it is far easier to use

Suzanne said...

This is lovely. Thanks for entering my wee giveaway and good luck
Suzanne x

JanJ said...

Wow fantastic necklace, it looks like it to forever to make, it's gorgeous.

Jan x

Elaine Harding said...

The multi-talented Sam, no less! - Looks really lovely!