Wednesday, 13 April 2011


I had a lovely morning catching up with a friend over coffee and this afternoon I've been pottering about trying to decide what to do..... hence photos of 2 desks, or one desk and one breakfast bar!

I thought it was about time I started making up some jewellery projects that I have bought the stuff for but not got round to making up so seeing as my usual workdesk was cluttered up with a card in mid-construction I decided to use the breakfast bar. As you can see I've spread myself out a bit but have managed to make 2 necklaces and started on another - I will post photos later.

Left to right - essentials, telly mag to see what rubbish is on tonight and my mobile...

Middle shot - where its all happening - or not!

And the final shot, more craft stash, another wheelie trolley! and a spot of music to work to....

Cutting area in my craft room, I try to keep this area clear for cutting but it doesn't usually stay that way for long once I'm out there!

Main work area, not at its best nor its worst, hopefully I will get round to finishing this card later!

Why not join in the fun at WOYWW, post some photos of your workdesk and take a sneaky peek at other people's workdesks.

Catch up soon.


Karen said...

Lots of lovely creative space! I hope you get the chance to finish your card later today.
Have a lovely Wednesday,
Karen #102

Claire x said...

Lots of fab piccies Sam, looking forward to seeing the finished jewellery. Hugs, Claire x

okienurse said...

Awesome workspaces! I would love to have multiple desks in my room but not enough space so I resort to the kitchen table! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #78

Elaine Harding said...

Hi Sam, Lovely to see you here! It's only my third time - great projects you're working on! xxElaine #21

Clare said...

I see you have spread out to the kitchen!!! Did Barry have anything to say??????