Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A bit more fabric and a quilt top finish!!

Here is the rest of the fabric I mentioned in my previous post

I have been busy cutting hexagon templates and even put fabric on about 6 of them! 

I have also finished a quilt top - finally, although I love the middle section I think there needs to be another thin border between the two outer borders. The pattern I am following had quite different shades of fabric so there was quite a difference but mine are quite pale. I have had a scour of the internet but so far not been able to track down any of the red fabric.

I had planned to put a aqua binding on this quilt, but i think this is going to be too pale so again I think I need more red, what do you think? 

Here is a photo of the design I am making, although I am not adding the circles as they all need hand stitching :( now I love sewing on binding but am not too keen on sewing on 100 circles.

 Can you see what I mean about the borders? I need to get the backing fabric too then I can finally finish this quilt. 

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Glinda ♥ said...

Love this quilt, Sam - great colour combination. Yep, see what you mean - aqua us more tranquil - red is more dramatic ... guess it depends on the look you're after . Whatever you choose, it'll be a stunning finish :)

Fran said...

I'm with you on the red, or something else very dark, like a strong grey...

I am Just One Mom said...

Love your color choices for your top. Is that a French General line? Love the taupe and pale aqua as added touches.
The red is a great binding color.

What is the particular fabric you are looking for? I just might have it in my too massive stash.