Thursday, 9 July 2009

No crafting today.....

No crafting today, although I did spend some time in my craft room - take a look at the picture below and you'll see why!!!

I am usually organised, neat and tidy in other aspects of my life but when it comes to crafting it all goes to pot! I always end up with every piece of my work surface covered with stash, and moving into the kitchen to take over some of the worktops there, I've already staked claim on a worktop at the back of the kitchen for my cricut and sizzix machines!

Is it just me or are there other untidy crafters out there? Please put me out of my misery.

I didn't manage to get any crafting done today as Barry had the day off work and we escaped to the New Forest.We had lunch in Burley, then off to Lymington for wander round, had coffee in Beaulieu then returned home via Lyndhurst to stop off at Emerald Crafts, got some more stash, like I need it! but was pleased I did as when I got home I discovered my Magnolias still haven't put in an appearance, will be on postman watch again tomorrow!


Tasha said...

Hey Sam its not just you its me. I got my studio kitted out a few months back and i have a huge desk its over 200cm long and lots of storage etc and STILL i have paper everywhere flowers out tubs of ribbon out - i never seem t have a tidy workspace and my stash never seems to fit back where it came from - oh the joys of crafting lol
love tasha xx

Rach said...

haha, your not on your own Sam, i am a messy crafter too, though i am fortunate enough that my mess is hidden away in my loft..
Hope your magnolia's turn up soon.
hugs rachxx

Beth Gruenke Angel #2906 said...

Wow Sam, I thought I had a mess but I think you just might have got me beat! I must admit though, just when I think I've got it under control, looks like another train has gone through. I'm glad to be in good company!!!! As long as YOU know where everything is, then your doing good! That's my thoughts on the matter. Hope you have a great weekend!

Littlebear said...

Oh my! I'm an in-between crafter - I get in a big mess during the process but then I have to have a big clear up afterwards.
I really hope your Magnolias turned up this morning.
Clare x

Susie Sugar said...

Oh no Sam you are not alone .....I'm the worlds worst at putting "stuff" away when crafting until there is nothing else for it and I have to stop and have one big clear up !!!
Sounds like you had a great day out, and as far as clearing up goes...well thats what tomorrow is always for !!! lol
have a great evening
Love Susie xx